Tailor a Safari

A safari is an adventure never to be forgotten, take your time.

It must fit you, you should feel confortable in it as in your own shirt.

Look at the many fabrics, check all the colors, play with the details, the buttons, the collars, the buttonholes, the cuffs. Measure the lenght and size to your needs.

Your guide should be your tailor, the one who helps you choosing what best fits you, the one who understands your style and brings to your attention the details that will make the difference for you, the one that piece all the things you desire together, creating a outstanding product that will make you feeling estathic.


There are many countries, there are many wild areas, there are many places where experience the bush at its best..

Let’s brainstorm, let’s talk about your desires and dreams, let’s share our passion to channel your ideas into a lifetime experience.
Create a private journey that is yours, a unique experience that suits you perfectly, a safari with your name on it.