The Coolest and Most Eco-Conscious New Safari Lodge in Africa: Asilia Highlands in Tanzania by Ann Abel
Just about every travel company worth its salt brags about its authenticity these days. The safari outfitter Asilia went one better. Its name is taken from the Swahili word for genuine—i.e., authentic. That’s not just lip service or a bit…
Of friends, training, rhinos and thorns
I thought would have been a blast, when I was asked to run the training for Saruni Rhino with the aim of teaching rangers and guides to approach black rhinoceros on foot and create a safe yet stunning activity in…
What it takes to be a walking guide in the East African bush Asilia blog post - Pietro Luraschi
Asilia’s Head Guide Trainer, Pietro Luraschi, talks us through the training required….. Training walking guides is always great fun, probably the most challenging training, but absolutely engaging. There are three stages to becoming a walking guide: Learning how to handle a…