News July 2017
What it takes to be a walking guide in the East African bush Asilia blog post – Pietro Luraschi

Asilia’s Head Guide Trainer, Pietro Luraschi, talks us through the training required….. Training walking guides is always great fun, probably the most challenging training, but absolutely engaging. There are three stages to becoming a walking guide: Learning how to handle a big calibre rifle. Training in shooting the same rifle. Studying and learning how to walk […]

Who says woman cannot guide??? Asilia blog post – Pietro Luraschi

I often tell guides that women can be much better guides than men; they have a much gentler touch, no testosterone involved, no showing off and playing the big macho bushman. However, they never believe me until they see it with their own eyes. We started training ladies three years ago, we started with one […]

400 at the door – Asilia blog post – Pietro Luraschi

This is normally what awaits us the day of the interviews for new guides! Four hundred people with one dream in common, becoming an Asilia East Africa safari guide. Every year we need new guides, every year we try to find new people with enough passion for embarking on the long journey to becoming a real guide. […]

Of friends, training, rhinos and thorns

I thought would have been a blast, when I was asked to run the training for Saruni Rhino with the aim of teaching rangers and guides to approach black rhinoceros on foot and create a safe yet stunning activity in Sera conservancy in northern Kenya, I thought it would have been a blast. I called […]

A Walking Safari with Asilia Africa By Stuart Butler

  Talk to any old Africa hand and they’ll likely tell you that the best way of experiencing the African bush is on foot. Walking through the grasslands at this pace allows you to really see, hear, smell, touch and feel the environment. On a walking safari you’ll see creatures that you’d otherwise miss if […]

The road to become an Asilia Guide : Birding Adventures By Stuart Butler

“Stupid bird likes to pull every Helen’s hair.” said Pietro with a grin, “Remember this and it will help you with identification!” Yellow billed storks We were in Tarangire National Park, which forms the southern piece in a jigsaw of stunning national parks in northern Tanzania. Tarangire might not be as well-known as the nearby […]

The grass is always greener on the other side

No wildebeest on the south side of the river, thousands of them on the Lamai wedge. For days they have being coming down to drink and back into the open plains close to the Kenyan border. South of the mara river was all burnt but slowly a beautiful green flush is growing, it must be an […]

Maasai life part V

Origin: Maasai are of Nilotic origin, they come from upper Nile valley, they speak maa. There is many tribes of Nilotic descend other then the Maasai, as the Dinka, Nuer and Sillhuk in South Sudan, the Turkana, Samburu, Luo, Ndorobo and Kalenji in Kenya and Barabaig in Tanzania Religion Maasai all over east Africa believe […]

The road to becoming an Asilia Guide: Figs and Dung By Stuart Butler

For the past two weeks I’ve been acting as a ‘fly on the wall’ (a really annoying, biting, buzzy one at that) at an Asilia Africa guide training camp in northern Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. For the first week I learnt all about the birds that might be encountered on a safari. Actually, let me […]

Maasai life part IV

Age sets When the children are born they follow different paths depending if they are male or female. The early stages are not very different, but when they start growing it changes. Women When the children become 5-6 years old start actively helping their mothers in their daily duties, around the boma as cleaning and […]

Maasai life part III

Age sets When the children are born they follow different paths depending if they are male or female. The early stages are not very different, but when they start growing it changes. Man The kids become Laioni when they start, around the age of 5-6 years to shepherd the herds, first the goats then as […]