News July 2014
A walk on the wild side – Ethan Kinsey – Africa Geographic – 18 July 2014 RANGER TRAINING IN RUAHA EVOKES THE PERIL  AND BEAUTY OF WALKING SAFARIS by ETHAN KINSEY A middle-aged elephant bull stands in the riverbed towering over five younger bulls that follow him around. It’s a spot on the Mwagusi sand river where the underlying rocks push water toward the surface making it easier for the […]

I’ll remember you standing amongst many enemies

The lions already killed a young buffalo male in the bed of the ruaha river, it is the bushbuck pride, the most powerful pride of the area. The calf is big but not enough for 20 and more lions and the herd is not far. Thay are still drinking around 200 meters downstream. A young […]

Birds of Samburu

The second month of training for Saruni was in Samburu/Kalama, another great birding place. It is a birder’s heaven, so many different species and so different from the rest of east africa. We saw many, “Somali” birds, Somali ostrich, Somali Beeater, Somali courser we missed Somali fiscal even if we stopped for every possible fiscal […]

Il sacro Graal!!

Sono arrivato in Ruaha, alle due di pomeriggio e subito uscito per il primo game drive alle 4. I clienti sono 4 divisi in due grruppi, due amiche e una coppia, Jack e Lyn Summerscale, più di 150 safari all’attivo, quattordicesima volta in Ruaha, la quarta di fila con me. Le signore vogliono assolutamente vedere […]