News September 2010
Buffalo soldiers 2.9.10

A buffalo’s herd, more or less 200 strong, it is still morning, about 10 am and we are in the first forest. I am with Owen helping him out for the documentary. We drive around the buffs to check the dimension of the herd, they are preparing to doze the day off in the shade […]


I strongly believed this morning that we would not have seen any leopard but I was wrong… the leopards and the rain tree saga continues, the cub is playing again with us before disappearing in the tall grass. After this stunning show , morning drive was a bit hot and dull except for a flock […]

Red in the mist


Abyssinian Rose

We were afraid of being cold so we put lot of wood at the fireplace with the result of sweating through the night. We went for a walk in tha morning. Again super show of bushbuck and nyalas. The latter is really everywhere with lots of females and majestic bulls, they are quite unafraid and […]

Mountain Nyalas

No rain in the morning, the first leg of the journey is very similar to yesterday afternoon, lot of people with horses, beautiful saddles and whips, flat landscapes dotted with huts. Then we start climbing towards the mountains, the landscape becomes more breathtaking step by step, the first trees of Hygenia abyssinica appear followed by […]

Chiara e Manu

In the morning the sky had been cloudy but we still had lions and elephants on the way to the airstrip Chiara and Manu arrived today, I am very happy, While the plain was landing a lioness crossed the airstrip just in front of them. They saw thir first cat even before setting a foot […]