IGS Interpretive Guide Society

The Interpretive Guides Society (IGS) has been very recently established. It is a society of conservation-minded safari guides who are interested in furthering their knowledge, experience and insights in Tanzania’s natural habitats, in all its diversity. The main objectives of the Society are as follows:
a) To promote, encourage and provide opportunities for members to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and experience of all subjects pertaining to naturalist guiding and to facilitate the consideration and discussion of matters of interest to guides and persons associated with the guiding industry.
b) To promote professional integrity and ethics and set standards for the guiding profession in Tanzania.
c) To set, mark and conduct assessments in guiding subjects and accordingly issue levels of recognition.
d) To liaise with other educational bodies, colleges and institutions of higher learning and cooperate in the developing of teaching syllabi in the interest of attaining the highest levels of guiding.
e) To provide facilities for reading, discussion and publications of approved papers by members of the society and others and to arrange for the delivery of lectures and the provision of instructions on subjects pertaining to guiding.
f) To establish, maintain and operate libraries containing principally, works on natural history, personal & professional development, and other allied subjects.