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Sunny day 03/12/09 Ruaha
Almost no clouds in the sky, just some little stratus at sunset.
I spent part of the morning together with the chef looking for new recipies to improve the kitchen standard. We choose around 20 new ones to try.
Had the first one for lunch: sweet and spicy chicken skewer, marinated in honey with pineapple cubes… soooo good.
Went out this evening to remove some rust from my guiding skills and to get intimate again with the surroundings.
Apparently elephants are back, I found the first herd after 20 minutes and in the end I probably saw around 100 ellies.
I also got the cherry on the cake, a small pride of lions with a female and three cubs, they were very close to water, exactly where a matriarch was leading her herd, the elephant chased the lions away and they walked just in front of the car.  Now back home and the lions started roaring….