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Chiara e Manu
In the morning the sky had been cloudy but we still had lions and elephants on the way to the airstrip

Chiara and Manu arrived today, I am very happy, While the plain was landing a lioness crossed the airstrip just in front of them. They saw thir first cat even before setting a foot in the park.
I got also an agent and her husband, very nice people, bush lovers, my favourite.
We went down in Mbagi and in the plains we saw nice elands and suddenly out of the grass a lioness started stalking them. The eland went too far though and she gave up but she went on going back and forth and sniffing the ground, eventually we saw another lioness joining her from the opposite direction .
They were probably stalking the elands from both sides but did not have any lunch.
The sun was shining wonderfully and went on watching elephants and giraffes and zebras.
The mwagusi river is flowing amongst the natal red top grass that gives a wonderful color to the side of the water.
We had a great dinner with lot of fun.

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