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Birds of Samburu

The second month of training for Saruni was in Samburu/Kalama, another great birding place.

It is a birder’s heaven, so many different species and so different from the rest of east africa.

We saw many, “Somali” birds, Somali ostrich, Somali Beeater, Somali courser we missed Somali fiscal even if we stopped for every possible fiscal to find one as we did last year, they were all Taita’s the difference being just a bit of white in the secondary feathers that the the Somali’s has and the other doesn not.

We got a Lammergeier, flying together with Verreaux egales around the huge kopjes of Kalama concession, very high but with its unmistakable shape made us shouting with excitment.

Hunter’s sunbird and Shining sunbirds were constant visitor at camp, White throated beeaters were often following elephants looking for insects flying off the grass.

Liechtenstein sandgrouse was spotted in Shaba.

Plenty of vulturine guineafowl were all over the place….


A bird with a weird white head was one of the most discussed birds, everybody had a different opinion but in the and the verdict was nothern black flycatcher with a form of leucism


     Donaldson Smith sparrow weaver on the nest


Hunter’s sunbird with its green moustaches, the similar Scarlet chested as all the throat green


Violet wood hoopoe trying to swallow an insect, very similar to Green wood hoopoe, but it lacks the greenish hue on the head


White throated beeater in flight, the elephants were close by scaring preys whail walking, to the advantage of the bird


Bare eyed thrush in pursuit of insects in the foliage, looks like an old professor with spectacles


Stunning Yellow billed hornbill male showing off for the female


Taita fiscal with an impaled prey behind it, the habit of the Lanidae


Shining sunbird’s stunning colors


Bristle crowned starling, a very common bird in Saruni camp, lives in flocks and is often seen drinking from the pool


Vulturine guineafowl, I really like the neck feathers, I am still wondering what is the advantage of having a bared head.

Birding in Samburu was really fun

I loved it