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Ruaha: Spotted All-Stars, Meet Onca

Quintessential beauty, unforgettable elegance, striking power, heavenly grace and a perfect balance of many qualities: these are the words that come to my mind every time I see a leopard.

Onca gets his name from the scientific name for the jaguar, as his pattern and shape of rosettes very similar to that of the South American cat. He is three and an half, and we have known him since he was one year old, when he had just left his mother. We found him around Kimilamatonge Hill, which became the centre for most of his activity. He is a very relaxed cat of predictable habits, where he loves the roads, using them to move along the hill to access the best rocks where Hyraxes live. Recently he started killing bigger prey but still stays around the hill where he can count on hundreds of bush hyraxes for easy meals. He has a real love for the mid rainy season, where he likes to sit on granite boulders in the late afternoon when the temperature drops, his elegant body wrapped around the rocks.

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