here I am
I guess is normal not to know what to say when you start writing something.
It is already dark here and lions are roaring even if a bit farther then the last few days, something is moving in the bush just outside my canvas window, I went already to insepct once but hamna, nothing visible at all.
today was sunny and long, we set up with Rashidi all the things to be done in the next days waiting the first guests of this month.
I opened the second “box” of my xmas calendar….. wild dogs where watching me from a small picture, I am waiting to see them back here for real.
There was a big pack around last time I was working in this area apparently they have not been around for looooong time.
Tiger beetles are all over the place and I saw a nice little frog, a Guinea Snout Burrower… the rains are sometimes rewarding

20091129_222314  20091129_222621