I strongly believed this morning that we would not have seen any leopard but I was wrong… the leopards and the rain tree saga continues, the cub is playing again with us before disappearing in the tall grass.
After this stunning show , morning drive was a bit hot and dull except for a flock of saddle bill storks fishing in the river, but I deeply realized how special is this place when my guests (the sparlettas) said something like: what do you think will be the first mammal we will see in the afternon? and after I answered … Impala… they said…. NOT A LEOPARD?………..
Anyway the first was actually impala but leopard came just some minutes after…. the mother climbed down the tree just in front of us.
We went on just to find the 2 lioness of yesterday at the water close to w7. We know them well, they are stunning hunters, one has a ear that is half missing, that is why we called her Evander, like the boxeur that was bitten by Mike Tyson…. she is very pale coloured and not the most beautyful lion ever but we like her a lot. The second one is a bit younger, we named her Holy and way more beautiful but I still have a soft spot for Evander. They went on the hunt again leaving the cubs behind, they came straight to the car, guests did not breath for a long minute… was fantastic. when we lost them in the thick we went back and enjoye the cubs….. wow.