Abyssinian Rose

We were afraid of being cold so we put lot of wood at the fireplace with the result of sweating through the night. We went for a walk in tha morning. Again super show of bushbuck and nyalas. The latter is really everywhere with lots of females and majestic bulls, they are quite unafraid and we could observe them without giving any disturbance. Amazing.

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We walked through the woodland enjoying the view and the vegetation, enormous Hypericum trees, huge Hygenia abyssinica and the beautiful endemic Abyssinian rose were scattered amongst the tall junipers. The rose is quite something, a fragile-looking white flower so delicate that we were almost afraid to touch it.

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Birding was also special, Ruppel’s robin chat, Chestnut naped francolin, Abyssinian flycatcher were all seen in the walk.

Back to the lodge we twatche a beautiful Thick bille raven and then we moved out after a shower, a guide is with us as we have been told that is mandatory to enter our next destination, the Sanetti plateau. The guy is not what you would expect from a guide, always hang over, muttering half words that we could hardly understand, and not with a real understanding of nature. Eventually we also got to learn that was not even necessary to bring him. Anyway the road from Dinsho to Goba is quite boring.

We spotted a Lammergeier up in the sky that together with Grey wagtail and Dwarf crow made our afternoon.

The hotel in Goba is nice and clean, our room, the saloon is big and confy and cold beer with good food made our dinner special.
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