News August 2016
Maasai life part II

Weapons Maasai have different weapons, the wooden walking stick, called eng’udi, the wooden club called rungu, the short sword called olalem, the long spear called eng’erempe or empere and the slim stick called echipishipi. The woods used depends on the area where the community leaves, can be Acacia lahai in the ngorongoro area, Dahlbergia melanoxylon […]

Maasai life part I

Livelihood Maasai are pastoralist, they used to be strictly nomadic pastoralists, now they are much less nomadic and they just move the herds when needed. In some areas they farm crops. The traditionally do not hunt and all what they live off comes from the cows and the goats and sheep The cows have different […]

The Coolest and Most Eco-Conscious New Safari Lodge in Africa: Asilia Highlands in Tanzania by Ann Abel

Just about every travel company worth its salt brags about its authenticity these days. The safari outfitter Asilia went one better. Its name is taken from the Swahili word for genuine—i.e., authentic. That’s not just lip service or a bit of trendy marketing. Since its founding in 2004, Asilia has worked hard to create meaningful, […]